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Renascent Dance Theatre (RDT) is an exciting energetic multifaceted performance troupe founded in 1989 by Artistic Director Cheryl Chalus-Scott Miami, Florida.  RDT exists as a space in time for creative artists to synergize their collective talents with a plethora of artistic disciplines.  Each artist brings to the company unique styles and forms of art which, when combined, create a spectacular display. RDT works with original emotionally moving music fused with epic stories connected by threads of each artist's touch.  Our collective work could never be achieved alone, working together is our strength and freedom. 

RDT gained initial momentum when receiving permission from Pink Floyd, LTD to create and perform a ROCKballet to The Wall  which debuted in Miami in 1990 to a standing room only crowd of cheering fans.  Alice Billman provided original choreography making RDT a trend setter in their new art form of combining rock and ballet into ROCKballet.  

Pandora's Box, another original RDT full length ROCKballet was created with an original music score written for the company by song writer and musician Toby Holcomb.  Pandora's Box crossed dance mediums to include full screen movie-like scenes with production support from Reel Rock.

Woodstock, a fanciful musical take on the famous rock 1969 hippie concert, was the brain child of Jen Fagan Archer and Carmen Jones.  Woodstock incorporated tap dancing, a first for RDT, into the rock and roll along with acting, and even an awesome Janis Joplin sound a like from Melody Trucks rounded out a funtastic performance for your pleasure.

Special Programs were created over the years to provide free Choreography Workshops to the public, and special programs for Special Needs children.  Among the many special children, RDT has worked with gifted children, blind children, deaf children, autistic children, downs syndrome children, those with cerebral palsy and developmental disorders.  Please see our Photo Gallery for pics of our special kids.

The Seven Seals, a new concept to consider. This work will feature original music by film score writing team David Whiteside and Laura Watkins.  Design artists who would like to take part in this work in progress please Contact Us.

ORIGINAL CAST Pink Floyd's ROCKballet The Wall:  Cathy Adams, Alina Alfaro, Admalid Alicea, Antolno Alvarez, Alice Billman, Martin Carrillo, Kim Caruthers, Derek Davis, Zucette Garcia-Preble, Jessica Gormley, Joni Grove, Maria Elena Guerra, Maria Heredia, Brendhan J. Horne, Cathy Karolyi, Clayton Lane, Stephane Lavigne, Gillianne Lopez, Randy Meland, Ralph Mendez, Felix Miranda, Jorges Nieves, Sam Nobel, Maria Gabriela O'Canta, James Quin, Grace Solis, Richard James Sullivan, Ruti Tamir, Rosanna Tavarez, Robert Tejeda, Christian Villa, Doublas A. Waitkns.

Additional RDT CAST MEMBERS The Wall:  Jeff Alberts, LuGina Amato, Clfford Bailey, Graciela Binaghi, Rich Cale, David Clasky,  Tono Darmodja, Robert Darveaux, Chris Evans, Mindy Fisher, Erna Fleishman, Edward Goosman, Jennifer Grissom, Nancy Grissom, Kimberly Harris, Kerns Hiett, Edward Jindra, Sophia Landau, Joey Leone, Mandy Levell, Shannon Lambdin, Maria Lopez, Delfino Larossa, Jim Lyons, David Martinez, Ed Mendellin,  Kimberly Moore, Scott Moore, Raymond Morales, David Ostroff, Jude Parry, John Phillips, Michelle Rice, Claudia Rivera, Renee' Robinette, Pat Sanchez, Andrew Schluck, Sylvia Schumacher, Jennifer Shannon, Paulo De Sousa, John Starosta, Pine Treffers, Edmond Valport, Brianna Weaver, Dan Wegner.

CREW AND PRODUCTION STAFF The Wall:   Jeff Alberts, Boyd Betson, Chrissie Braddock, Dennis Caskey, Howard Davis, Milissa McGinnis, Cosmos Ohms, Wally Otis, Shelley O Reily, Rick Paine, Will Penfold, Kara Pinson, Michael Presgrove, Craig Sanderson, Sean Shannon, Carla Steel, Timothy B. Stout, Karen Terrones, Miquel Valenzuel, Chris White "Oz.

CAST MEMBERS Pandora's Box:  Brian Alexander, Danielle Alexander, Megan Bakan, Chris Baker, Lamont Bishop, Jennifer Willie Collins Jr., Jennifer Conrad, Kelly Crowel, Andrea Eddings, Karen Davidowitz, Megan Dixon, Jennifer Fagan, Lauren Floyd, Sarah Fuquay, River Gareth, Kara Greene, Julie Groves, Kerns Hiett, Carmen Wiggins Jones, Nancy Koebel, Michelle Lastinger, Rachel Levy, Desta Martin, Myriah McAlpine, Patricia McAlpine, Marcrese L. McDaniel, Dan Mikell, D. Scott Moore, Renee Olive, Robby Powers, Paul Provost, John Rittwage, Renee' Robinette, Julie Russell, Andrew Schluck, Tami Shaffer Stone, Danielle Smith, Melissa Smith, Lioudmila A. Strelets, Christina Tuskes, Charlie Walker, Mike Wallace, Stephanie Westerman, Audrey Wood, Jami Woodman,

CREW AND PRODUCTION STAFF Pandora's Box:  Steve Adams, Tony Barlow, Chris Brown, Donna Celso, Chis Collins, Jean Conrad, Dennis Cooper, Eric Davis, Jae Elisha, Elizabeth A. Foster, Aurora Hansen, Toby Holcomb, Lisa Johnson, Kerri Mordue, Nathan Smith,  Karen Terrones, Mark Wiggins.

ORIGINAL CAST MEMBERS Woodstock;   Jen Fagan Archer, Brittany Badia, Tedra Bellany, Jennifer Conrad, Andrea Eddings, River Gareth, Dan Mikell, Carmen Wiggins Jones, Joshua Sabotin, Tami Shaffer Stone, Melody Trucks Dugger.



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